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Sometimes Jonas Santoso likes to synopsize complex Bedeutungszusammenhänge («connectomes of meaning» perhaps) in order not only to better understand, but also to create awareness by presenting them in a perceptually sleek manner.

If you would like a synopsis for your own campaign, let's talk. I'm working on making the timeline into a reusable component. Meanwhile, the LibreOffice Writer document behind the Viyella campaign leaflet can be found here, and can be repurposed, as it is released under Creative Commons licence BY-NC-SA 4.0 International.

Christian Porter Rape Allegation And Defamation Case

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In 2019, accusations were brought forward against then Attorney‑General Christian Porter (CP). After a piece published by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) prompted CP to press defamation charges against the ABC, discussion ensued around what came to be called the «Canberra bubble», a climate of toxic masculinity which seems to be a breeding ground for one stratum of the political class in Australia.

Because some parties appear to wish to cover these events with a screen of «security through obscurity», which rarely is a good idea, I decided to present them in the shape of a synopsis which anyone who is interested should be able to absorb in a short amount of time. Press articles and television broadcasts which are included in the synopsis are understood to be in the public domain.

Magdalene Penitents Made Dresses Using Viyella

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Magdalene asylums are institutions which existed, not exclusively, but most prominently in Ireland until well into the 1990s. The young women («penitents») whose labour was exploited in these institutions had been placed there under order of administrative detention.

Viyella is a popular fabric associated with Ireland. As is evidenced by testimony given by a former penitent, and rendered in a 2011 report submitted to the United Nations Universal Periodic Review by the organization Justice for Magdalenes Research, penitent labour was used to produce dresses using Viyella. The entities that benefitted from this scheme are the Church of Ireland, and the businesses that sold the Viyella dresses with a profit margin.

In 2024, Morrison McConnell Ltd, the business which presently owns the Viyella brand, decided to celebrate «240 years of Viyella» without even as much as mentioning Magdalene penitents in one single phrase on their website. I therefore decided that these connections, too, deserve to be better known.

Because I was shaken (or «shook» in newspeak) when I learnt about penitent history, especially through watching Sex in a Cold Climate, from which audio samples were taken, I dedicated two tracks on my album La condition humaine to Martha Cooney, a former penitent.