caught on a jag


On her own request, CP's accuser meets with the NSW Police Force.

Present at the meeting are the accuser, her lawyer, and Detective Senior Constable Samantha Meredith, a detective with Sex Crimes Squad.

[Accuser] advised she would prefer investigators travel to SA so she could have a support person available whilst making her statement. (Senior Constable says.)

The investigators later request to travel to SA.

NSW Police Deputy Commissioner David Hudson denies their request. The reason given is 'insufficient detail' to justify why the trip could not be deferred during COVID-19 restrictions.


This is the last day of CP's accuser's life.


ABC airs Inside the Canberra Bubble, a Four Corners episode on Canberra parliament rape culture.

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The Australian publishes an article in rebuttal of the Four Corners episode.

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The ABC publishes an article that prompts CP to press defamation charges against the ABC.

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The Federal Court of Australia's publicly available online file on the case can be found here:


Shortly before pressing charges against the ABC, CP gives a press conference.

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