Jonas Santoso / Netaudio

Having produced netaudio for some twenty years, Jonas Santoso looks back on a catalog of releases on various netlabels, and under various names: The Hardliner, June Lauren Prescott, Dorfdüppel, Dorfkrüppel, and0uille, etc.

I've also realized that labels, netlabels included, are nice to have but not really required, as any artist may simply publish their albums etc. on their own website, thereby turning it into a DIY label. In fact, some recording artists of renown have been doing this all along. No need to be hung up on artist IDs and catalog numbers. It's all free jazz now.

Find below a list of some of my releases, curated by me, ordered by publishing date descending.

La condition humaine

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  • as: and0uille
  • label: none/website
  • date: 2024-01-07

This is hurtcore in the sense that it addresses topics that cause hurt to even think about, most saliently Gaza/Palestine/Israel, and Magdalene asylums, but also the moral status of «animals», and child labour. Various «found audio» was used, the sources of which are named under the individual tracks.

Decades of Liberation

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  • as: and0uille
  • label: sub65
  • date: 2024-01-06

The concept of this album is to visit sites where US foreign policy and the US empire machine have hurt people at various points in time during the last decades. Source material for both audio samples and the animated GIF vignettes is various documentaries, which are named under the individual tracks.

Suicide Bag Safely Locked Away

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  • as: The Hardliner
  • label: 20kbps
  • date: 2013-12-31

Melodies that are lovely, and loving, albeit unrequitedly. Albeit? Shouldn't we know it by now, the fact that infatuation is sweetest when it is enjoyed in silence and alone? But do we actually believe this is true?

This is an album that captures that and other feelings, set in minimalist chiptune arrangements, and with the «gang» from Dawson's Creek on the cover―a show that I liked to watch and rewatch, on par with My So‑Called Life, the show which gave Generation Catalano its name, and of which, sadly, only one season was ever made.

Hitting 30 for the First Time

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  • as: June Lauren Prescott
  • label: 20kbps
  • date: 2012-03-20

The «spiritual» predecessor of above Suicide Bag Safely Locked Away in many ways, the melodies in this album are also enamoured, limerent and all that, but perhaps more playful than its plaintive successor.

It was created while I was still studying musicology in Graz, around my 30th birthday, and when I first used the mysterious name June Lauren Prescott. The cover is based on a photo that was taken at a rooftop cafe where I went with my parents, who were visiting me for my birthday.

The album «blurb» was written by my late friend Mathias, who is the founder of 20kbps, and handed it over to me before he passed away. You can read more about this in the statement that Mathias and I published together to announce the change of ownership.

Value Nothing!

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  • as: The Hardliner
  • label: proc records
  • date: 2007-10-07

In 2007/8, I created a few albums exploring a personal style of hardcore techno, which I still consider to be among my strongest output.

The other releases that are part of this class of output are listed below. Most of them are on abulia concepts, a netlabel that was run by my friend Hertzcanary, who also used to be a prolific netaudio artist. Now sadly defunct, the label's last known state is preserved on k9d's server here.