Start of First Term

The first term has officially started, so after venturing into position paper territory without having a fatwa issued against me – the perks of being insignificant –, I decided it was time for a little status update. Thanks to the study materials being released early, I was able to complete ‘01141 Mathematische Grundlagen’ just before the start of the term. By ‘complete’ I mean that I have finished the worksheets for this course, and got my solutions ready to be sent in.

It has been a worthwhile ride through some basics of math that I had seen before. However unsuccessful my previous studies were – that my brain had been primed with these things helped a great deal with working through the course material, and so it felt like I was able to get up to speed without too much of a struggle. The course featured the usual ‘liminal phenomena’ (sequences and series; differential and integral calculus); matrices, linear transformations, and vector spaces; and a bit of propositional and predicate logic. Now I feel fit and motivated to expand on some of those things in the coming semester(s) – as in moving from ℝ to ℝn, and from n‑dimensional to ∞‑dimensional – and likewise to move on to things that are new to me.

As of now, I am well into this term’s other math course – elementary number theory. Although some acclimatization to the mode of thinking particular to this course is still needed, I reckon I will be able to work through it relatively quickly. Seeing as how my studies are going so far, I have decided to take things up a notch and take Ordinary Differential Equations this semester. I have also devised a plan by which I could complete my bachelor’s in two years. It is a bit bold, of course, since I am still working as a software developer full‑time; but a lot can be done when making efficient use of what time you have, so, in Shia LaBeouf’s words, ‘just do it!’ And if I need to spread things out a bit, I can always do that, no harm done.