Institut für Lernsysteme
Externenabitur Hamburg 2008


Married to Cass since October 2015

University of Graz &
University of Music and Performing Arts Graz
BA Musicology 2014
Farinellis Londoner Jahre. Der Castrato und die Oper in London 1734‑1737


Linksradikal, secularist, techno‑progressivist


Technology, science, mathematics, post‑Kirk Star Trek, science fiction, fantasy, Houellebecq, Baroque keyboard and chamber music, harpsichord

Neo‑Luddites, antiscience, pseudoscience, alternative medicine, New Age spirituality, creationism, pro‑lifers, conspiracy theories, Waldorf education, Law of Jante

To enlarge and develop
our most active and sublime qualities
in such a way that from any sphere
we can always strive to reach another one
that is wider and more airy, more elevated.

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