The other day I found out that an old keygen tune of mine had been used in YTPMVs. (For a definition of YTPMV, see Know Your Meme.) There are quite a few of them, surprisingly, and that's for a tune that I never even uploaded anywhere; except, of course, embedded in a few BLiZZARD keygens. This playlist contains 19 videos, and there are a few more that aren't really YTPMVs.

Seeing these unexpected derivative works prompted me to make my own little showcase for the tune, and present it as it was originally used. Some time around 2005 I was still active in the release scene, reverse‑engineering software and making keygenerators such as the one shown in the video below, which features an embedded cracktro.

The music can be downloaded in XM format from KeyGenMusic, and the nfo file for the release in which the tune was first used is available on NfoDB.