Even Further―Open-sourcing the Album

The year will be 2020 soon, the 'traditional' way of publishing music―i.e. finding a record label that is willing to organize distribution of physical media and promotion―will soon definitely be obsolete. Heavy‑hitting artists that have a long history with 'major' labels and the traditional music business, not always to their favour, are moving towards a new era of self‑publishing and self‑promotion. Everybody is listening to streams, or at least from a filesystem, and the once ubiquitous CD will soon be looked upon as the vinyl record has been looked upon in the recent past―and who knows if the compact disc will ever elicit feelings of nostalgia in the same vein. It is doubtful.

My recent album Further Beyond Serendipity is now available on YouTube and has been open‑sourced, which means that I have released the XRNS files from which the final digital product was created. They were created using Renoise V3.1 (https://renoise.com) and a few free softsynths which are listed in the infotext found inside the archive. The samples were mostly taken from the SoundTracker 'ST-XX' sampledisks and the set of waveforms that come with MusicLine Editor, all of which can be found on Aminet (http://aminet.net). The entire album, when downloaded as source, weighs in at 498k, which is less than half the space available on a HD 3½‑inch floppy disk.

The files may be downloaded here: