Beginning Ascent

There was an article recently about how the Dan Plan had failed. The Dan Plan, TL;DR, was one individual's resolution to carve his way into professional golf by putting in lots and lots of effort. While Dan McLaughlin did not make it to the PGA Tour as had been his goal, he was still able to build his skill on the green from his first putting drills to a considerable handicap of 2.6, and he got some publicity along the way.

With much less spotlight, and without the need to leave the comfort of my home for the vastness of the golf course, I have embarked on a journey of my own. Also unlike Dan, I am not starting entirely from scratch, since I have tried—and failed—before. 2008/9 I studied mathematics at the University of Kaiserslautern and dropped out when I was barely into my third semester. Whatever the reasons, I never made it past the foot of the mountain, and while on some levels I had come to terms with my defeat, it still kept nagging at me.

I am back at square one. Almost ten years later, and at age 35, I have begun my ascent to Parnassus again, albeit with some parameters quite different from what they were when I first set out. I enrolled in the University of Hagen's Bachelor's programme in mathematics which is studied entirely by distance learning, apart from exams. The semester officially starts on 1 October, but some of the study material has been shipped already, and for the past two months or so, I have been studying every day without fail, logging each day into my Loop Habit Tracker chain.

Maybe my writing about it here will be mostly soliloquy. It does not matter—if nothing else, putting a log of my progress ‘out there’ where everyone can see, or anyone could see, will be one more incentive not to slack off. It is also an opportunity to flash a little progress bar going from zero to 180 ECTS points. (Coming soon.) One of the slowest progress bars you may ever see, but one that will reach completion eventually.