Born-Again Mensan

It was 19 or 20 years ago that I went up to Paul Scherrer Institute in Villigen to take my first admission test for Mensa International. I think they still used Raven's Advanced Progressive Matrices back then. (Not anymore.) My membership did not last long. The only event I attended was an annual gathering followed by a group visit to the Swiss Museum of Transport. At the time, a gentleman with initials S.W. was in charge of communications, and under heavy attack by another, markedly British-speaking gentleman who did not want him in that position. I do not think I will attend an annual gathering ever again. Now that I have re-joined the club, it remains t.b.d. what I will make of my membership. Chances are I will hold on to it a bit longer.

So, yes, I took the test again—had to, because I did not hold on to any documents, and Mensa apparently keeps them around for ten years max. Pleased to see that my mind had not suffered too much wear, I immediately signed up when I received the invitation to join. Since no claim the likes of this should be without verifiability, Mensa itself has provided a public lookup using which someone's membership may be checked by entering their name and ID, such as:

First Name: Jonas
Last Name: Santoso
Member ID: 13872
(See for the membership check.)

The IQ distribution curve

While we are at it, there is another result for which I still owe a means of verification. My score of 227 out of 230 possible points on the new (post-January 2015) Cambridge: Proficiency scale converts to an IELTS band score of approximately 11, which does not exist, since the maximum IELTS band score is 9.0.

Comparing the Cambridge English Score to IELTS

This result may be verified by navigating to:

...and entering my ID and secret as provided below.

Candidate's ID number: ULL212677
Candidate's secret number: 5400

A quick registration is required for the Cambridge verifier, but the dedicated investigator will be rewarded not only with my categorized scores, but also with the mugshot that was taken of me at the Basel exam centre.

This has been a nice little Yule present for me from myself. It goes without saying that being nonchalant about it does not mask the self-esteem and bruised ego issues that are part of every Mensa membership application. By saying what I just said, I am indulging in a dash of Überbietungsgestus, the mention of which leads the whole thing ad absurdum—where it belongs.

And, by the way, Wilde is on mine.